Knitting tutorials


Basic Stitches

The most basic stitches you'll need to learn. Try practising a few times to get the hang of each one before starting your knitting journey.

Slip Knot

Create a loop which will be your first stitch on your needle

Two Needle Cast On

Abbreviation: CO

Learn how to cast on after creating a slip knot and creating more stitches on your needle

Knit Stitch

Abbreviation: K

The first most important stitch you'll learn

Purl Stitch

Abbreviation: P

The second (and just as important as knit) stitch you need to know


More Stitches

And here's a few more you'll need to know.

Increase stitch - kfb (knit front and back)

Learn how to make extra stitches really easy!

Decrease stitch - k2tog (knit 2 together)

Great for our hat or jumper projects.

Slip stitch

Abbreviation: sl

An invisible stitch to joining the fabric together

Made a Mistake

If your work is looking odd and you want to undo a few stitches, follow this useful tutorial - not all mistakes look the same so if you're stuck why not email us and we'll try our best to help you.


Stitch Patterns

Once you've mastered how to do a knit and purl stitch, you can combine them together to create different patterns.


As seen in Grazier Scarf


As seen in Hadley Sweater


As seen in Vale Scarf


As seen in Cable Coo Hat


As seen in Drop Lay Scarf