How to Create a Knit Stitch (k)

How to Create a Knit Stitch (k)

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Tutorial Overview

Abbreviation: k

The knit stitch is the first basic stitch to learn and used in all patterns. A stitch that has been knitted will have a ‘V’ at its base. In this video we will show you how to create a knit stitch.




Step-by-step guide

Tip: Ensure when working knit stitches, working yarn is always at the back of your work.

Step 1:

Insert right needle upwards through the front of the first stitch. Ensure right needle is behind left needle.

Step 2:

With yarn behind needles, wrap it around tip of the right needle anti-clockwise.

Step 3:

With tip of right needle, draw a loop by going down through and out of the left stitch, bringing the right needle towards you.

Step 4:

Bring right needle up, and slide the left stitch off its needle. Tighten yarn. You have created your first knit stitch on your right needle.

Step 5:

Repeat 1-4 until row is finished.

Step 6:

To start a new row, hold work in your left hand and repeat steps, ensuring working yarn is at the back.

And that’s how you create a knit stitch!


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