Pattern Errata

Sometimes we spot a mistake in our patterns, and have to make amendments to the instructions. We’ve listed those updates here so you can continue with your project! You can find your pattern's version number on the first page, under the pattern name.

Bounty Throw | Bubble Romper | Classic Jute Bucket Hat | Grapevine Knitted Wrap | Luca Swirl SnoodMini Luca Pom Hat | Sennen Garter Stripe Bag | Soft Lofty Throw | Verona Lace Cardigan

Chevron Spring Camisole


Bounty Throw, v1.9

Updated: 22nd December 2020

Section 3:

1st row: Purl to end.
2nd row: Knit to end.

Section 7:

1st row: Knit to end.
2nd row: Purl to end.

Bubble Romper, v1.4
Updated 2nd November 2021


Work in garter stitch for 6 rows as follows:

Classic Jute Bucket Hat, v1.3
Updated 27th May 2021

Make the Band:

24th row: *Repeat (k1, p1) 6 times, k3tog, repeat (p1, k1) 6 times, p3tog, repeat from * to last st, k1. (105 sts rem)

Luca Swirl Snood, v1.2
Updated: 24th September 2021

Cast on 24 sts.

Mini Luca Pom Hat, v1.9
Updated: 24th September 2021

Main section:

You will have completed 16 (20, 20, 24) rows.

Sennen Garter Stripe Bag, v1.4
Updated: 23rd September 2021


1st row (RS): Knit all sts to end

4th row (WS): Purl all sts to end.

Soft Lofty Throw, v1.4
Updated 21st December 2020

Feature Throw Pattern Collection (Pages 4 - 5)

Section 2:

Work in Ridged Stocking Stitch for 14 rows
Removed: 15th - 22nd rows.

Section 4:

Work in Ridged Stocking Stitch for 14 rows
Removed: 9th - 16th rows.

Verona Lace Cardigan, v1.4
Updated: 1st July 2021


15th row: Repeat 11th row.

Left Front:

15th row: Repeat 11th row.

Right Front:

15th row: Repeat 11th row.


Chevron Spring Camisole, v1.2
Updated 27th May 2021


hdc3tog - half double crochet 3 stitches together as follows - Repeat *yarn over, insert hook in st, draw a loop through* into next 3 stitches. With 7 loops on hook, yarn over, draw yarn through all loops on hook.