6 knitted and crocheted creations from film and television

Our Top Film & TV Craftspirations

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Discover the on-screen knitted and crochet creations we’re in love with.

6 knitted and crocheted creations from film and television

Miss Sands - Sex Education 

The crocheted and knitted collection of cardigans Miss Sands wears throughout all of the Sex Education seasons makes us want to reach for our yarn and start yet ANOTHER project. 

Miss Sands sex education crochet cardigan credit: Screenrant

Credit: Screenrant

Ransom Drysdale - Knives Out

Yes, it’s THAT cable knit sweater. We couldn’t resist! Though we can’t fight the urge to mend that small unravelled patch. Knit your own cable-filled sweater with the Atlantis PDF pattern.

Ransom Drysdale Knives Out Chris Evans cable sweater image credit: BAMF Style

Credit: BAMF Style

David Rose - Schitt’s Creek

It was a tough choice choosing one sweater from the hundred that David wears over the 6 seasons of Schitt’s Creek - but this one stood out, just look at that fairisle yoke! Our Charlie Brown Sweater knitting kit in black and white makes for a great David Rose-inspired project.

David Rose Schitt's Creek image credit: Popsugar

Credit: Popsugar

Maurizio Gucci - House of Gucci

Move over Ransom Drysdale, there’s a new cable knit icon on the block. We’re sure Adam Driver kept warm, while looking very cool, on the set of House of Gucci. Knit your own Italy-inspired, super-cosy cable sweater with the Venezia PDF pattern.

Maurizio Gucci Sweater House of Gucci image credit Instagram @ladygaga

Credit: Instagram @LadyGaga

Steve Zissou - The Life Aquatic

Possibly one of the most recognisable beanie hats in Hollywood? Create your own with a modern cable twist - the Parker Staghorn knitting kit.

Steve Zissou The Life Aquatic beanie hat image credit: Vox

Credit: Vox

Ron Weasley - Harry Potter 

No list of TV and cinema knits would be complete without Molly Weasley’s iconic Christmas creations! Create your own by swiss darning your initial onto a knitted jumper.

Ron Weasley Jumper with initials image credit: Bustle

Credit: Bustle

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