Crafting with friends in 2024

Crafting with friends in 2024

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 Was one of your crafting intentions building a crafting community around yourself? If so, here's a blog post that can hopefully help you get started with setting this up for 2024.

Crafting is always more fun when it's with like-minded people. We understand that sometimes if you are not a crafter, it might seem really daunting where you can find them. Well, why not look at those already closest to you? Share your love and excitement for knitting and crochet, and embark on a new woolly adventure together. We’re here to help, with video tutorials for every step of your projects, and a handy planner to keep you on track.


Bird eye view of 2 people sat cross-legged on a picnic blanket, knitting and crocheting together


How to get started?

Whilst you might be super excited to start on a new craft, there can definitely feel like a barrier to entry to those less familiar. When you are hyping your friends to pick up this new hobby, they might feel this could be quite a daunting experience. We have all been there, where do you start? Here are a few options from our range that we think might just work for complete beginners:

Model wearing a grey crochet beanie and a grey pom pom

Avery Crochet Beanie Crochet Kit is designed with complete beginners in mind. This beanie uses our 10mm bamboo crochet hook is has a repeated pattern of Single Crochet (Double Crochet if you use UK terminlogies) and here are a range of videos that will be able to help you finish this project with ease. We even have the same videos for left-handed crafters too!


A woman wearing a green garter stitch scarf

If you know a little of the knitting basics and are ready for a slightly bigger project, then the Grazier Scarf Knitting Kit is perfect for you. Still only utilising the knit stitch, this project uses 3 balls of our 100g The Chunky Wool so it will take a little longer comparing to the Cup Cosy, but it will also keep you oh-so-warm.


What next?

Once you have all picked a project you like, time to pick them up with our 20% subscriber discount if you aren't already on our mailing list*. Then it's time to determine whether this will be a joint effort with regular meet-ups to keep each other updated in person, or a virtual/digital journey especially if there are location and/or time difference constraints. Will this be weekly? Daily?

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Let's get planning!

Once you have worked out your crafting dates with your friends, it's time to get these dates and times set in. Download our Project Planner below so you can all keep track of how you are doing with your new craft hobbies. There's no limits to how many projects you can have on the go, or how many crafts you decide to take on, but having something to refer back to might be extremely helpful. Plus who doesn't like using beautiful stationery to make this part of your journey extra special too?


Download your free craft-a-long planner


Download your planner


Don't forget to document your crafting journey with your friends on social media and tag us so we can see as well. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and show us what you have been up to. Remember, you can also get in touch with our customer care team on for any issues you are facing with your patterns and projects.

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