Top 5 Granny Square Tips & Tricks

Top 5 Granny Square Tips & Tricks

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Granny squares are staples of many different types of crochet projects, and it seems that everyone's crochet journey will eventually lead them to a few of these squares! Here are our top tips for making a granny square anything! 

Tip 1: Crochet Over Your Ends

If you, like us, don’t want to spend hours sewing in all of your granny square ends, crochet over them! When you reach the end of your round, do a slipstitch into the back loop to the corner (or at least into the tops of 3 stitches) and on the next round you can crochet over your end when you reach the corner. 

If you have a more solid square, simply finish your round with a slip stitch, then crochet over your end on your next round for at least 5 stitches. 

Tip 2: Slip Stitch Your Squares Together

If sewing your squares together seems daunting (don’t worry, some of us here aren’t keen on sewing them together either!) then you can always use the ‘Zipper seam’ approach. 

Take your squares and line up the stitches, then crochet into the back loop of both squares at once using a slip stitch. This will create a really neat middle and you won’t have to keep cutting lengths of yarn that are too long or too short. 

Tip 3: Give it an edge

If you’re worried that once your squares are connected (sewn or crocheted) your edges won’t look neat enough, simply go around your edge following the same granny square pattern.

Or you could use the linen stitch (sometimes known as a moss stitch or granite stitch) to create a ‘mini granny’ for the border! 

Tip 4: Play with spacing

Some people choose to do chains between their treble clusters, and others don’t. Some chose to do more or less chains in the corners. Really, it is up to you (or the pattern if you’re following one), whether you’re after a more loose fabric, or a closer finished project. 

Tip 5: A Granny Square isn’t just one thing…

Gone are the days where a Granny Square is your classic clusters of trebles and chain stitches. These days it’s synonymous for any square motif, be worked from the corner up, going from a circle to a square or being a solid square with the face of your granny sewn onto it. It’s not just for blankets over the back of a sofa either, use them to make cardigans or bikini tops or just about anything that takes your fancy.

Really, this tip should be: Have fun with it! A granny square can be whatever you want it to be! 

Tip 5: Granny squares aren't just one thing