Picking up your first cross stitch project

Picking up your first cross stitch project

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Did you know that we don't just have knitting and crochet kits. In 2021, we expanded our kits into cross stitch as well and here's a little guide from us, to help you pick up and start your first cross stitch project.

First, pick the cross stitch project you want to start on:

Find your club Cross Stitch Collection

 Once you are ready to start, here are 3 videos to help you get familiar with the material, the instruction and how to set up your project:


Next, you will be following the chart to create your very first cross stitch. Here are our tutorials to show you how to complete different types of stitch, as well as little tricks for a faster stitching method!

Finally, once you have completed your stitching, it's time to finish up your project? We have included a video here to show you the best and tidiest way to finish your project, ready to be displayed proudly on your crafting wall.


If you have more questions, just drop us an email on hello@stitchandstory.com and we will be happy to help work through any issues you have!


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