The Dream Crochet with Ashlee Elle

The Dream Crochet with Ashlee Elle

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Ashlee Elle shares the story behind The Dream Crochet, and where her inspiration comes from.

The Dream Crochet

Hello there! I’m Ashlee Elle from The Dream Crochet, and I’m an avid lover of crochet and all things creative. My crochet journey started over ten years ago, before college, and it swiftly became an outlet for tranquility as well as an opening for honest self-expression. Throughout the years, the foundation for the craft grew into a strong passion that blossomed right before my eyes. I desired to tell a story with handmade creations by implementing whimsical backgrounds in my photography, inspired by each individual piece. The world of crochet opened the door to a brand new form of self-discovery. 

Ashlee Elle and The Dream Crochet

Getting started on social media

Being an introvert, and a quite reserved individual at that, I was encouraged to share my designs on social media platforms by family and friends. At first, I was a bit hesitant, though I wanted to expand and move past my apprehension. Their belief in me motivated me to open that daunting book. Chapter by chapter I got better and found my voice with the hopes of conveying the adoration for the craft that so many of us makers share. To be a part of such a grand community of talented creators was quite exhilarating, and it brought out a desire to exhibit all the handmade creations I held inside.

Finding my photographic style

I wanted to incorporate my love for photography and videography into this world of craft. My intention was to construct a handmade story from start to finish using all the elements I know and love. It inspired me to push the boundaries of the art world and carve my own niche by introducing photos that take the viewer on a journey and feature designs that celebrate experimentation, and breaking boundaries. Approaching crochet this way, where the photos become the catalyst for the garment was such a thrilling notion that it made every project an adventure.

The Dream Crochet by Ashlee Elle

My design process

My process is one based on following my passions. I'm a lover of all things crafty: sewing and bead-making are just some of those passions, and over the years I've used them in my crochet designs as well. Inspiration can come from unexpected places and I travel just about everywhere with an idea notebook for that reason. Some ideas take years to bring to life and some just have to be made as soon as possible. I adore the waves of joy that creativity brings: the trials, the tribulations, the challenges. I personally welcome them, for they assist in my growth to become the best that I can be, not just within the crafty world, but within my soul. Crocheting has been an anchor for me, a pillow to rest my head upon, and open arms after a long, arduous day. I am grateful to have found such a passion, and hope to continue making. Dreaming up as many ideas as I can.

Looking to the future

Currently, I'm still very active on my Instagram creating new garments and coming up with new concepts for them. Soon I'll be launching my Fall collection with a charming theme, and I'm working on my very first crochet-themed book for the majority of the year and I'm elated to share that project. I'm also hard at work developing my website so I can bring even more of my work to those that wish to enjoy it, and I'm setting up a video class for those that want to learn my technique and advice. There's so much more in store, and I cannot wait for the next chapter.

The Dream Crochet by Ashlee Elle


About Ashlee Elle
Ashlee Elle creator of The Dream Crochet

Ashlee Elle is a crochet designer/creator, model, photographer, and videographer for The Dream Crochet. She enjoys all things crafty and creative, conjuring up ideas that reveal the magic in her heart and mind. Her Bachelor's Degree in Broadcast Journalism has helped to inform her handmade business endeavours online. Her patterns are available to buy on her Etsy shop, and you can follow her on Instagram @thedreamcrochet

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