Festive Holiday Christmas Tree Decorations

Festive Holiday Decorations

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A brand new festive bundle for all your holiday needs

Every home will have their own holiday aesthetic when it comes to decorations, whether you're minimalistic, super colourful, all the glitter or more the traditional route. However, there's always something so special about handmade decorations. Isn't it why we have always kept the slightly falling apart Pom-pom reindeer? The festive namesake decor where its paint might be peeling off, or we can no longer work out who it was gifted to or from originally anymore?

Understanding how precious and how meaningful handmade decorations can be, this is why we have put together a brand new bundle so you can create these sweet and traditional decorations, to add to your Christmas decors at home.  

The pack includes 9 balls of our Lil' Merino Wool 50g, but you can also add your own choices of colours too.

Gingerbread man christmas tree crochet decoration

The pattern bundle includes 5 patterns:

A Gingerbread Man that's a little rounder than his usual self (who doesn't love a slightly more spherical Gingerbread Man?);

A Christmas Tree with a beautiful scallop edging that's snow-dresses;

A traditional Candy Cane in red and white (as we have suggested) but the colour combination is endless, and you can really make it out of any colours you like;

A Christmas Star, because why should there just be the one star at the top? I love the idea of fully covering the tree with as many stars as possible, and finally;

A Christmas Bauble. How can we have a bundle and not include a bauble pattern? The pattern is written with 6 sections of 4-rows stripes, but let your creativity guid you to how you want to create these stripes, personalised them and really add to your holiday aesthetic.

Christmas Star and Christmas Tree crochet decoration

The pack has enough yarn that will allow you to make up to 12 crochet Christmas decorations.

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