Learn how to run your own knit-a-long and crochet-a-long

How to Create a Craft-A-Long

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Plan and run your own crafty event with your friends! We’ve got everything you’ll need to get started.


Run your own craft-a-long with friends

Crafting is always more fun when it’s with friends! Share your love for knitting and crochet, and embark on a new woolly adventure together by creating a craft-a-long. We’re here to help, with video tutorials for every step of your project, and a handy planner to keep you on track.


Learn how to make your own knit-a-long or crochet-a-long with Stitch & Story


What is a craft-a-long?

A craft-a-long is a group event where crafters make the same projects, meeting regularly to work on parts of the pattern together. They are also sometimes called knit-a-longs (KALs) and crochet-a-longs (CALs). Craft-a-longs can be large-scale events, where parts of a pattern are released in stages, or they can be as simple as all creating the same item, at the same time!

Take a look at our Firenze Beret KAL, and our Snoopy Amigurumi CAL over on Instagram, where we hosted regular Instagram Live sessions and held Q&As to help take you from your first stitch to a finished kit. You can watch them back at any time, so grab your kit to get started!


How to plan your craft-a-long

Step 1 - Pick your kit

Let’s begin by choosing the project you and your friends would like to make! Will it be a knit-a-long or a crochet-a-long? We’ve picked a few of our most-loved knitting and crochet kits that are perfect for both beginners, and seasoned crafters. We’ve also created your very own walkthrough experience for these kits, to guide you along your crafting journey.


Shop the Cup Cosy mini knitting kit at Stitch & Story
Cup Cosy Mini Knitting Kit
Shop the Luca Pom Hat knitting kit at Stitch & Story
Luca Pom Hat Knitting Kit


Shop the Vale Scarf beginner's knitting kit at Stitch & Story
Vale Scarf Knitting Kit


Step 2 - Sign up for your Craft-a-long Guide

When you’ve chosen your kit, subscribe to our craft-a-long email series to help you get started. You’ll be sent your guided walkthrough, packed with handy tutorials and tips You’ll also receive an exclusive code to get 10% off your craft-a-long kit, and a free cotton project bag! 

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Step 3 - Get planning!

Running your craft-a-long couldn’t be easier; download your invitation and send it to your friend, then download your planner and fill it out. Whether it’s online, or in-person, you’ll be able to connect and enjoy the journey from kit, to I made it! 


Invite your friends to join your craft-a-long

Download your invite



Download your free craft-a-long planner


Download your planner


Tell us what you and your friends will be making together! Share your pictures with us on Instagram and Facebook.

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