Sewing up Vertically (Mattress Stitch)

Sewing up Vertically (Mattress Stitch)

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Tutorial Overview

We use Mattress Stitch to create an invisible seam by sewing together the 'ladder bars' found between rows of knitting, at the bottom of each V-shaped stitch.

It's the perfect technique for joining edges of knitted fabric, such as side seams for hats and sweaters! Make sure not to sew too tightly! The finished seams should have some stretch in them.



Step-by-step guide

Step 1:

With the right sides facing you, lay the two knitted panels side-by-side and line up the edge stitches.

Step 2:

Thread the needle under the first bar of your panel.

Step 3:

Then gently pull the yarn through.

Step 4:

Do the same with the corresponding bar on the opposite side.

Step 5:

Repeat these two steps, alternating between your panels until you have reached your end point.

Step 6:

Gently pull on the yarn to bring the seam together.

Step 7:

Secure the end of your seams by tying a knot in the yarn, and weaving the loose ends through the back of your panels.

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