How to Avoid Accidental Knitting Increases

How to Avoid Accidental Knitting Increases

Techniques  |  1 min read time

Tutorial Overview

Have you ever counted your stitches at the end of a row and found you've mysteriously got an extra one? In this video, we'll show you one of the ways knitters can accidentally increase a stitch, and how to avoid it!


Step-by-step guide

Step 1:

When the first stitch of your new row is a knit stitch, your yarn tail should be at the back of your project.

Be careful how you move your yarn to the back of your work.

Step 2:

You'll see here if we lift the yarn tail like this over the left needle, it creates what looks like a stitch, and can be accidentally knitted in your next row.

Step 3:

To avoid this, bring your yarn to the front, then under the left needle towards the back.

Step 4:

We are now ready to knit into the first stitch, without accidentally increasing our stitch count.


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