How to knit the Arkel Grid Beanie Part 3

The Arkel Grid Beanie KAL: Part 3

Knitting  |  1 min read time

Finish off your beanie by shaping the top, sewing up, and adding a pom pom!

Once you’ve completed Part 1 and Part 2 of your pattern, join us here for tips on how to decrease the crown of your hat, then sew up the side seam, and make a perfect pom pom for the top.

For this section of the hat you’ll need all 3 of your yarn colours. We’re using the Lil’ Merino yarn in Dutch Orange (Colour A), Bright White (Colour B), and Baby Blue (Colour C).

How to decrease the crown of your hat


k - knit
k2tog - knit 2 stitches together

    Using Colour C, you’ll work decrease rows, alternated with knit rows. Decreases are used to shape garments. In your beanie pattern the decreases will create a close fit around the top of your head.

    Need a hand? Take a look at our knitting video tutorial for how to decrease here.

    How to decrease stitches for the crown of your hat.

    How to sew up your hat

    Once you’ve cast off your hat, keep the length of yarn attached, and use it to sew the sides of your hat together. 

    For tips on how to sew a neat, invisible seam, take a look at our video tutorial here.

    How to sew up your hat

    How to make a pom pom

    Now it’s time to create the finishing touch to your hat! Using Colour A, make a big fuzzy pom pom, then secure it to the centre of the top of your hat.

    Create the perfect pom pom using our handy tutorial video here.

    How to make a pom pom

    And there you have it! Now that you’ve mastered the slip stitch grid pattern, why not make yourself a matching set with the Polperro Grid Scarf pattern?

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