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We Make Crafting Simple

Stitch & Story is all about ‘crafting made simple’ that extends beyond the traditional crafters. Aimed at giving novice crafters a stress-free experience in learning to knit or crochet, our all-in-one kits contain everything you need to get started and learn the basic techniques. We want every craft project to be meaningful, whether it’s for gifting or for yourself. The richness of stories created with every stitch builds a personal story. There is a wonderful sense of accomplishment in an item that carries the imprint of its creator, quirks and all.



Stitch & Story Logo Drawing Stitch & Story Logo Drawing 

Our illustrative logo reflects the intricate beauty of crafting something for yourself, and suggests the storytelling nature behind our brand.



Knitting Kit | Stitch & Story 

Inspiring A New Generation Of Hobbyists

Our company name, Stitch & Story, came about because we know how empowering it is to enable others - to start their own creative projects and tell their own stories. “I made that.” It’s a great feeling and whatever you’ve created, will far outweigh anything you could buy. It represents the leap you made to have a go and learn a new skill; a way of taking time for yourself; the thrill of creating something from scratch, unlocking your creativeness and sharing it with family and friends.



Jennifer Lam and Jen Hoang | Stitch & Story

Made For Beginners

Stitch & Story’s journey began in February 2012 when, being born a Millennial, Jennifer Lam noticed that crochet and knitting were being lost to this generation. The crafts were perceived as old-fashioned with overwhelming terminology, cheap yarns and out-of-date patterns. Together with business partner Jen Hoang, combining backgrounds in design and publishing, we set out to create a product that would inspire more people to learn to knit and emphasise the richness of stories behind handmade products. 

What started as a series of London workshops developed into knitting kits as we realised we weren’t reaching enough people in this way. Working from a kitchen table, the initial “workshop in a bag” knitting kit prototype was sketched and thus Stitch & Story was born.



 Knitting Workshop | Stitch & Story

Be Part Of Our Feel Good Story

Stitch & Story is the modern solution for the amateur crafter. The way we consume has changed; there’s a greater demand for personalised, meaningful and ethical goods that act as talking points. So, we are reinventing the traditional concepts of knitting and crochet to inspire a new generation of hobbyists.

We invite you to discover our knitting kits, crochet kits, yarns, patterns and craft products, and share in our online crafting community, how-to blogs, online tutorials, and workshop events.

Our aim is to encapsulate an individual's entire crafting life by bringing out the unique craftsmanship in everyone.



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Where There’s Wool, There’s A Way

We love to hear from you or, even better, craft with you.

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