How to Crochet Neat Edging

How to Crochet Neat Edging

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Learn how to add neat edges to your crochet projects using this easy, step-by-step tutorial by Claire Montgomerie. 

A crocheted edge can be worked round any project once you know how! Even the wonkiest of edges can be neatened with a trim worked along it, hiding small, and glaring, mistakes alike.

This technique is used in my free crochet patterns to make an Eco Washcloth Set and Eco Cotton Pads & Pouch.

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When working a crocheted edge, you must create a foundation row of stitches to build upon. These should be neat, and evenly spaced. When turning corners, ensure that you work more stitches into the corners to create a flat turn. 

How to add an edge to the top of your crochet

When working along regular stitches, work one stitch into every stitch of the row.

How to add an edge to the sides of your crochet

When working along the sides of your crochet, the number of stitches to make will vary, depending on the pattern: For rows made using single crochet (UK double crochet), work roughly one stitch for every row, 2 stitches for every double crochet row (UK treble crochet) and 3 stitches across every 2 rows of half double crochet (UK half treble).

How to add an edge to the bottom of your crochet (the foundation chain)

When working along the foundation chain, make one stitch into the unworked chain of every stitch.


Top Tip: Use the same shade of yarn as the main fabric when working the first row, or round, of edging to hide any uneven stitches you may have to make to create an even edge. Then the contrast colour can be added on top to give a professional finish, as seen in the Eco Washcloth Set.


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Claire is a textiles designer, specialising in knitting and crochet for over 15 years. After studying at the Royal College of Art, she pursued a career in the fashion industry, but found she enjoyed the more practical side of textiles. While creating her free crochet patterns for our Natural Spring Collection, she was inspired by the Eco Cotton, Cotton Braid, and Everyday Jute yarns, and wanted to use colourwork to show off their properties.

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