How to Double Crochet (dc) - Crochet Tutorial


Tutorial Overview

Abbreviation: dc

These instructions are given in UK terminology. 'Double crochet (dc)' is the same stitch as the American 'single crochet (sc)'.


Double crochet creates short and compact stitches. In this video we will show you how to create a double crochet. This stitch is used in the Brie Triangle Cushion Crochet Kit and the José Fringe Basket Crochet Kit.


  1. First, make a foundation chain to your required length. Then afterwards make one chain extra.

  2. For example, here is a chain of 10 and we need to add 1 more.

  3. Make sure you know where the second chain is. Here is your first chain, and here is your second chain.

  4. Insert your hook into the ‘V’ of your second chain.

  5. Yarn over and then pull through the loop.

  6. You will now have two loops on your crochet hook.

  7. Yarn over again and draw your hook through both loops.

  8. You will have one loop left on your hook and you’ve now completed your stitch.

  9. Continue making the double crochet by inserting your hook into the next chain, repeating this method.

  10. Now you have finished your first row double check by counting the ‘V’s’.

  11. To start a new row in double crochet, turn your work around (like you would turn a page of a book).

  12. Add one extra chain, this is your turning chain.

  13. Identify the first stitch of the row (not your turning chain). This is also known as the second ‘V’ from the hook.

  14. Insert your hook underneath both loops of the entire ‘V’ and repeat steps 5-8.

And that’s how you double crochet (dc)!

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