Grazier Knitted Scarf Kit


  • Ivory White
  • Sangria Red
  • Dust Pink
  • Mushroom Plum
  • Empress Coral
  • Olive Pastel
  • Deep Sea Blue
  • Shanghai Orange
  • Lime yellow
  • Lime Yellow
  • Stormy Grey
  • With long 12mm needles
  • No needles please


Level: Beginner

Aimed at giving new knitters a stress-free experience in learning to knit, this garter stitch scarf kit contains everything you need to get started and learn the basic techniques. Perfect for gifting or sharing your passion for knitting with friends.    
Each kit includes:

  • 3 x 100g S&S The Chunky Wool (100% merino wool)
  • Short pair (25cm) Size 12mm bamboo knitting needles*
  • Grazier Scarf pattern
  • Sewing needle
  • Basic knitting instructions
  • Re-useable kraft box to store all your knitting gear


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