A Stitch & Story tale...

Both Jens: "Good afternoon your Royal Highness, we're Jen and Jen"


Prince Charles: "- Are you serious?"




Stitch & Story was founded by two friends - both incidentally called Jen! Their passion in knitting gave them the inspiration to create Stitch & Story: the ultimate go-to site for learning to knit and for all things woolly. With knitting often being dubbed as a granny hobby and impossible to learn, they've made extra effort to break away from these stereotypes by offering all-in-one, DIY kits with knitting patterns to reflect current fashion trends and lifestyle products. Both Jens’ desire to create clean and communicative concepts stems from their combined backgrounds in design and publishing.


“We love knitting and want to share this with all wannabe knitters but with so many choices in yarns, pattern books, and materials, deciding on a knitting project can be quite overwhelming. Learning to knit takes time, money, and effort, so it’s important first time knitters understand the best choice of materials, methods and techniques, without it being taxing to learn.- Jennifer Chan, Co-founder & Director.


As a motion graphics designer, Jen Hoang wanted to combine the use of motion media with knitting in the view of making an age-old craft truly contemporary. As S&S' Creative Director, she's created clean, straight-to-the-point video tutorials with easy to follow instructions. She hopes the simple designs will aid the beginner knitter in their journey, making it fun and fresh to learn. All how-to-knit illustrations are beautifully drawn by her.




Their journey began in February 2012 when Jennifer Chan had an idea to "throw some wool in a bag with a good pattern and clear instructions" after struggling to find a good knitting project and relentlessly needing to scour the Internet and haberdashery shops every time. Jen Hoang jumped on board with the idea having also experienced the same problem.


Since then, they've held knitting workshops, commissioned knitted pieces, as well as collaborated with a few amazing people along the way including their endorser, Somewhereto_, a dedicated charity who helps small enterprises by finding them space. As advocates of the Campaign for Wool, they've had the greatest honour of meeting the patron, HRH Prince Charles earlier this year at a business event to promote sustainability in knitting where they even managed to knit Prince George a bunny and baby booties.


Stitch & Story's mission is to ensure consumers make the connection between the stress-free experience of knitting and the creation of an authentic, value-added product – one that isn’t embarrassing to wear or show-off!


Jennifer Chan & Jen Hoang,
Co-founders of Stitch & Story