The Slip Stitch - How To March 23 2014, 0 Comments

Last month, Stitch & Story took a trip to Cambridge to host a knitting workshop at Nordesign, one of our new stockists. We had such a lovely time knitting away with tea and ice-cream, we just didn't want to leave! For those of you who've not heard of Nordesign, it's a beautiful, Scandinavia-inspired lifestyle store selling throws to crockery, to fashion and accessories. Most notably is their huge Marrimeko range and I had to tear myself away or else the train ride home would have been a very heavy one!

Our knitting workshop was set up in their cafe part of the shop. As many of our knitters already knew the basic knit and purls, we decided to teach the drop stitch and slip stitch technique and for those of you who had missed out on our class, I thought I'd share with you the latter one. It's a very simple pattern which adds texture into the work - as shown in our new Cynthia Jumper (out now!). The technique works by not working a stitch for 3 rows so that it becomes elongated. By alternating where they go, it also creates depth.

Here's how:

Note: if you're unsure how to make a slip stitch, watch our online tutorial here for help.

K - knit
P - purl
ss1 - slip 1 stitch

Cast on 12 stitches

1st Row: * k3, ss1, repeat from * to end.
2nd Row: * ss1, p3, repeat from * to end.
3rd Row: * k3, ss1, repeat from * to end.
4th Row: Purl to end.
5th Row: k1, ss1, * k3, ss1, repeat from * to end.
6th Row: p2, * ss1, p3, repeat from * to end.
7th Row: k1, ss1, * k3, ss1, repeat from * to end.
8th Row: Purl to end.

Repeating row 1-8 gives a elongated slip stitch as shown in the below Cynthia Jumper (grey panel).

Slip Stitch - in Grey Section
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