Stocking Stitch Embroidery Decoration - Duplicate Stitch 'Hearts'

Stocking Stitch Embroidery Decoration - Duplicate Stitch 'Hearts'

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Hello knitters,

February 14th is just around the corner so we're adding 'Hearts' to our knitting - specifically a super cute mug cosy that we've paired with a Hey Ewe mug in a Wool Ewe Be Mine Mug Cosy Knitting Kit And Mug gift set.

So why not treat the crafter in your life this Valentine’s Day with a unique knitting gift or adorn other hand-knit items with embroidered hearts!

Beginner's guide - How to create embroidery hearts

Duplicate Stitch is an embroidery technique that follows the direction of your knitted stitch. On items knit in Stocking Stitch a duplicate stitch across the 'V' stitches creates a 'heart' - the perfect embroidery addition for Valentine's Day knits.

Wool Ewe Be Mine Mug Cosy embroidered hearts

With your work laid at right-side facing up, take the contrast yarn and thread onto a sewing needle.

Finding the first stitch as the starting point: Starting from the far bottom-right, count two rows up and one stitch in. This stitch (‘V’) is your starting stitch.


Step 1

From the back-side of the work, take your sewing needle and bring it to the front of the bottom point of the starting stitch. Ensure you leave a tail of 6cm for weaving in loose ends.


Step 2

Take your sewing needle through the second stitch up inserting the needle from right-to-left under the entire ‘V’ and pull the yarn through.

Step 3

Complete the stitch by inserting the needle in the same place where you started off.

You’ve now made one heart! 

Step 4 

Count two stitches left to find your next starting point. Repeat steps 5-6 to complete your string of hearts.


Step 5

Finish by weaving in any loose tails at the back of your work.

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