How to make quick pom poms from fork and yarn February 03 2015, 0 Comments

Hi knitters,

There's no denying it...don't we all just love pom poms? Those little fluff balls of yarn look so cute whether it's on top of a beanie hat, slippers, or as tassels for a scarf, we love'em!

So here's a tutorial tip on how to create a fast pom pom with using just a fork and yarn - no cardboard required! Super easy, it's how we made the Lola Pom Slippers. This kit is perfect for knitters learning to knit as it teaches you all the basic in knitting include how to cast-on, cast off, increase and decrease, knit and purl! Grab your knit kit here.

Stitch & story knitted pom slippers coral

How to make a pom pom

how to make pom pom with fork and yarnStep 1.

Take an ordinary fork and wrap the yarn horizontally around it approximately 30-35 times.

Step 2.

Thread a scrap yarn through the bottom of the fork and tie off the wrap with a knot.

Step 3.

Pull the wrap off the fork and pull the knot tighter. Tie anther knot to secure.

Step 4.

Trim off the little loops around the pom to create a neat pom.